“Can I make a difference? Can I grow food free from chemicals and pesticides?”

These questions dawned on our founder Mr Raj Seelam way back in 1992 while working for an agricultural products company. Shocked and worried about the relentless use of pesticides and fertilizers, he pledged to do his bit in building a healthy future. This thought process was the seed that eventually sprouted as 24 Mantra.

The journey was not easy. The first challenge was convincing farmers to look at the bigger picture while they are struggling to make ends meet. The second was educating the consumers about the impact that processed food was having on their body leading to health hazards in the long run.

While these were holistic challenges, we also faced challenges with logistics. From finding the right farms, the right climate, the right kind of soil, to establishing a supply chain that ran solely on everything natural without the use of artificial ingredients, there were many sleepless nights that left us on the verge of abandoning the cause.

However, we stood tall against the initial setbacks and stayed focused on our path towards a greater good. Things eventually started taking a turn for the better. Much of this can be attributed to the principal of being fair to our farmers and customers, which is hard-coded into our DNA. It helped our movement find a strong foothold, and our efforts were recognised by authorities in India, US, and the EU, with global certifications.

Also our core philosophy of trying our best to improve the lives of farmers by ensuring that their produce gets the deserved return struck a chord with them, which went a long way in earning their trust. And they started rallying behind us once they saw the benefits of organic farming.

Little by little, 24 Mantra established itself firmly as one of the major advocates of the organic way of life, with demands for our products increasing worldwide. And now here we stand, with 45,000 farmers working in 30 plus projects over an area of 2,25,000 acres under our sustainable farming initiative.

Our dream and dedication towards the organic movement still remains the same. And we will keep working tirelessly till every citizen of planet earth has healthy and nourishing food on their table, while ensuring that we protect the environment in everything we do.

Live up. Live organic.